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Pipeline Management Specialists

HDM Pipelines B.V. was founded in 2011 with the aim to support pipeline owners and managers in their asset management and integrity issues.
The specialists of HDM Pipelines are experts in the field of pipelines and deliver effective solutions and innovative services based on specialised knowledge and experience.

According to our clients we contribute to:

“A true step change into pipeline management.”

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Project glasvezel
Project RCA
Project ILI
Project leidingbeheer
Project Asset Management
Project AC leidingen
Project Pipeline Management System
Project Glasvezelversterkte persleiding

Why HDM?

Your specific situation or pipeline issue is the basis for the long term solutions we offer, which we continuously pursuit to embed in your organisation. The basis for success is cooperation, with your own experts and where appropriate with other specialists in order to achieve optimal integration.

Through sustainable solutions and professional services HDM Pipelines, as an independent expert, strives to realise the objectives for your specific situation. Our vision is set on continuous development of your organisation, expertise and management and our own expertise.


By providing effective solutions and innovative services based on specialised knowledge and experience with a transparent and cooperative approach, we contribute to the protection of people and the planet through improved management, maintenance and control of the lifecycle of pipeline systems.


The vision of HDM Pipelines is to create a balance between asset management, proactive risk reduction and retention of pipeline integrity, by which the essence of the company is maintained and the investment results in an optimal rate of return.


HDM Pipelines

Future-focused, Innovative & Specialist are the core values of HDM Pipelines which you will recognise in our approach, services and cooperation.

HDM Pipelines plays a role in connecting and supporting companies and organisations in asset management. Our method is innovative and future-focused and we make full use of our specialized knowledge and skills.

HDM Pipelines has a team with specific knowledge and experience of the entire system life cycle; from engineering, design, implementation, maintenance and management to testing, inspection, spatial planning and training. Based upon experience and knowledge in the field of engineering, materials and processes, we know what underlying cause is central to your pipeline problem or situation.

The specialists of HDM Pipelines know the market and are aware of the latest technical and political developments, as well as the current laws and regulations. Attention to safety, health and environment have a high importance when delivering our services. We find it extremely important to tackle the root causes of the problem. We seek solutions that will be embedded in your organisation, to assure your organisation can solve future problems. We work with a project and process-driven approach.

To be able to offer solutions to future problems an innovative approach is needed. In addition to providing services based on a specific problem or issue HDM Pipelines pays attention to influences from other disciplines. By offering sustainable and structural solutions related to technology, materials, process, management and organization, future issues and problems can be managed better.

Our strategy and services guarantee sustainability, risk reduction, improved efficiency, increased revenues and thus an improved balance between results, risks and costs.

HDM Pipelines works according to quality standards and holds certificates for ISO 9001 and VCA*.

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