HDM Pipelines manages its business processes according to a continual improvement process, based on the Dutch INK Quality model.

The business processes, including tasks and responsibilities are captured in a Business Management System (BMS).

The BMS describes amongst others the acceptable quality, safety, and environmental management levels of our service, taking technical and commercial conditions into account. It contains procedures that serve our processes and that adhere to applicable legislation, norms and standards, as well as the internal guidelines of HDM.

Under the applicable standards of the BMS fall for example:


  • NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015;
  • VCA *, version 2008/5.1;
  • RI&E HDM Pipelines;


  • BEVB;
  • NTA 8000;
  • NEN 3650;
  • NEN 3655;
  • Mining regulations;


HDM Pipelines holds certificates for ISO 9001:2015 and VCA* 2008 / 5.1.

Both certificates are applicable to the processes related to support, maintenance and management of pipeline and cable infrastructure systems, including material research and project management.

ISO 9001 quality certificate
According to the standards of ISO 9001 HDM Pipelines strives to improve its quality management system continuously. Both customer satisfaction and quality are paramount.

VCA* safety certificate
HDM Pipelines is carrying out work on site for client on a regular basis. These activities have influence on the maintenance and management of pipeline systems on site.

HDM Pipelines complies with the strict safety, health and environmental norms and standards. In the Netherlands these standards are covered by the VCA certificate. All employees own an Operational Supervisors certificate for Safety, Health and Environment (VOL-VCA).

Upon request you can view the ISO 9001:2015 and VCA* certificates.


HDM Pipelines

Future-focused, Innovative & Specialist are the core values of HDM Pipelines which you will recognise in our approach, services and cooperation.
HDM Pipelines has a team with specific knowledge and experience of the entire system life cycle; from engineering, design, implementation, maintenance and management to testing, inspection, spatial planning and training. Based upon experience and knowledge in the field of engineering, materials and processes, we know what underlying cause is central to your pipeline problem or situation.

The specialists of HDM Pipelines know the market and are aware of the latest technical and political developments, as well as the current laws and regulations. Attention to safety, health and environment have a high importance when delivering our services. We find it extremely important to tackle the root causes of the problem. We seek solutions that will be embedded in your organisation, to assure your organisation can solve future problems. We work with a project and process-driven approach.

Our strategy and services guarantee sustainability, risk reduction, improved efficiency, increased revenues and thus an improved balance between results, risks and costs.

HDM Pipelines works according to quality standards and holds certificates for ISO 9001 and VCA*.

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