Fiber Optic

HDM Pipelines forms the connecting link in the northern half of the Netherlands during the preparation, construction and management of the entire infrastructure required for this purpose.

Outside the urban areas, there is also a great need for connection in the Netherlands. To connect anyone with the online world there are many broadband (fiber optic) initiatives. The construction of a fiber optic network should be done with the utmost care.

The initiative to fiberglass comes in many different ways. Consider, for example, residents of a cooperative area or the development by commercial market parties.

There is a need for an independent, experienced and no-nonsense partner; This is where HDM Pipelines comes in.

HDM Pipelines is a valuable and independent party for clients such as municipalities, cooperatives and foundations in such a process. We advise, guide and take care.
Always based on your situation and needs.

Why to choose HDM Pipelines?

  • We work completely independent of parties in the market.
  • We have experience in concrete fiber optic network projects (see recent projects).
  • We know your environment and are locally present.

Services HDM

HDM Pipelines is currently helping in the procurement of fiber optic circuits by:

  • Specifying the wishes.
  • Conducting and executing the tender.
  • Delivering a second opinion.
  • Ensure that the system is efficient to manage!

Construction phase

During the construction of fiberglass, nuisance, damage and additional costs should be avoided as much as possible. But during construction many final choices are made that affect future management.

During the construction phase, it is possible to enable HDM Pipeline for:

  • Providing the project management
  • As a technical sparring partner
  • As a connecting and involved link between all parties

Usage phase

After using the fiber optic network, HDM Pipelines can take care of the management and maintenance.

Think of:

  • Take over the management of the so-called ‘passive layer’ including KLIC (WION).
  • Ensure network availability for the future.


What is it?

Fiberglass is a fiber as thin as a hair. This fiber is made of a special kind of glass. Glass fiber information is transmitted quickly and reliably using laser light. Fiberglass is currently providing the fastest form of internet.
From society there is much demand for faster and reliable internet. Especially in the remote areas, it is often difficult to obtain a good and fast internet connection due to the constraints of the old-fashioned telephone or television cable.

A fiber optic network has a major influence on the viability of an area. Especially outside areas suffering from drainage and vacancy may, after construction of glass fiber, be interesting residential or business locations. By ensuring a good and fast internet connection, new and opportunities for services in the area of healthcare, education, economics and culture are emerging.



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