Determine remaining life expectancy pumping station PWN

30 November 2018

At pumping station Andijk in the provence North Holland, annualy 24 million m3 of water from the IJsselmeer is treated as drinking and industrial water. The pumping station was built in 1965/1966 and has been overhauled and adjusted several times. On behalf of PWN, owner of the pumping station, GMB asked HDM Pipelines to determine the technical remaining lifetime. The assignment includes the assessment of the status of the pipeline and the drafting of a wall thickness forecast for the year 2025 and 2035 for carbon steel pipes.

In the year 2025 and 2035 the pumping station has been operational for 60 and 70 years. Assuming these pumping station are designed for 30 or at most 50 years, the end of the expected life has been reached by then. HDM Pipelines has performed wall thickness measurements  to determine the degradation of the pipes at strategic locations. After the measured values ​​have been analyzed, HDM Pipelines has made a status determination and translated this into a report.

HDM Pipelines offers a unique concept for the entire process of the status and remaining life expectancy determination in which we start with determining the scope. Thereafter, a risk inventory is drawn up from of the information provided and following this the inspection plan is drawn up. HDM Pipelines distinguishes itself by being able to execute and inspect the aforementioned steps in house. After that the results are analyzed in order to come to a final conclusion and advice to the customer.




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