HDM Pipelines appointed by Reef Infra as coordinator in the field of cables and pipelines.

12 September 2018

The Noorderzijlvest Water Authority has awarded the project “Reinforcement regional flood defenses Lauwersmeer” to Reef Infra. Reef Infra will carry out the project together with GBN, Antea Group and the earth-moving companies De Boer Burgum, Kramer Metslawier and Beukema Grondwerken. HDM Pipelines has been appointed by Reef Infra as coordinator of the potential bottlenecks in the area of ​​cables and pipelines.


The Lauwersmeer is part of the Lauwersmeer National Park and lies against the Wadden Sea on the border between the provinces of Friesland and Groningen. The Lauwersmeer was created in 1969 after the Lauwerszee was dammed. This measure was taken after the flood of 1953. The Lauwersmeer is the largest water storage area in the northern part of The Netherlands. All excess water from Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen comes in to the Lauwermeer and is added by the R.J. Clevering locks to the Wadden Sea.

The latest assessment showed that 32.8 km of flood defenses around the Lauwersmeer are not stable or high enough for future flood risk management. In order to ensure that the flood defenses meet the standards for flood risk management for the next 50 years, the project has been started to strengthen the quays.

During the time the project was put up for tender, there has been made an initial estimate of the possible bottlenecks in the area of ​​cables and pipelines. Before implementation of the project “Strengthening regional flood defenses Lauwersmeer” can be carried out, these bottlenecks  must be investigated together with the owners of the cables and pipelines, and, where necessary, solutions must be found to be able to construct the flood defenses.

Reef Infra asked HDM Pipelines to coordinate these activities.



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