In-line Inspection of the NOGAT Pipeline System

17 September 2018

In August 2018 HDM Pipelines received the order from Neptune Energy  for project management and/or support activities of an Inline Inspection (ILI) off the NOGAT Pipeline System.

The objective of the ILI of the NOGAT pipelines is to ensure the technical integrity of the system to demonstrate compliance to Dutch legalisation (article 93 & 99 clause 1 of the Mijnbouwbesluit). This will be achieved by providing information on the condition of the NOGAT pipelines to compare against the previous ILI surveys.

Figure 1

The NOGAT pipeline system was installed in 1991. The figure below gives an overview of the pipeline sections. The 36 inch pipeline section (TP-001 (off shore) /TP-002 (on shore)) begins at the NAM L2-FA platform and ends at the NAM Den Helder plant. The length off the offshore part is approximately 150 km to the dune crossing and the onshore section from the dune crossing to the Plant Den Helder has a length of approximately 10 km.

The 24 inch pipeline section (TP-003 (off shore)) begins at the Neptune F3–FB platform and ends at the L2-FA platform operated by NAM. The length of this pipeline is approximately 100 km.

HDM Pipelines is performing the project using their proven project management method, which brings theory and practice together. This means a thorough preparation and an active rol in the execution of the inspection. HDM will also manage the last (but by no means least) phase on behalf of Neptune: the data analysis, this in close cooperation with the Neptune pipeline engineers and technical authority.



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