Opening new location of HDM Pipelines and Acquaint

5 July 2018

Tuesday 3rd July 2018 was the official opening of the new location of HDM Pipelines and Acquaint in Leeuwarden. Time to roll out the red carpet. Alderman Friso Douwstra of the municipality of Leeuwarden and Wetsus director Johannes Boonstra welcomed the companies during the festive reception.

HDM Pipelines is specialised in (water) pipeline management and Acquaint developed the robot systems Aquarius I and II with which (water) pipes can be inspected internally for leaks and weak spots. Governments, agencies and companies can benefit from this when managing their pipeline networks.

‘I can say that we are a market leader in the Netherlands’, says director Rudy Dijkstra. HDM Pipelines was founded in 2011 and Acquaint, born from a collaboration with HDM Pipelines, was founded in 2014. The managing board for both companies is almost the same. The two companies work independent, but combine forces at the same time.  The growth from start-up to grow-up has gone very fast, especially for Acquaint. For HDM too. The 25 work places in the new building at the Zwettestraat have already been occupied. Although, a new building, it exists since 1971 and in the last year it has undergone a wonderful metamorphosis inside and outside.

‘From 0.1 FTE at the start of Acquaint in 2014 to 8 FTE is fantastic,’ says Dijkstra. ‘What is also fantastic, is that people from all over the Netherlands like to work for us. Someone travels daily from Eindhoven and an other one comes from Nijmegen. We also have a foreign employee who is going to get his PhD here. That is great, not only for us but also for the employment in Leeuwarden and Fryslân.’

Both Alderman Douwstra and Wetsus director Boonstra did not hide their enthusiasm for the arrival of both technology companies.

Douwstra: “As the municipality of Leeuwarden, we have invested a great deal in the accessibility and also the support of developments in the water technology developments and I hope that we, as Capital of Water Technology, can also claim a little that it is our success. We are also very proud that Acquaint has carried out inspections in our sewer pipelines. ‘

Boonstra: ‘In 2013, Wetsus became acquainted with HDM and I find it incredible that the development of the company went so fast. It can be said without a doubt that it has a leading role in the Dutch water supply network.’

We look back to a successful day. Below several pictures from the official opening.

Johannes Boonstra – Executive Board Member Wetsus
Present from Alderman Friso Douwstra on behalf of the Municipality of Leeuwarden
Speeches during the reception
Interior new location – office HDM Pipelines
Interior new location – office Acquaint


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